York Region Wedding Photography with Jessica & Michael

It's always so fantastic to jump on for the journey a bride and groom take together from the moment they say "I DO" to walking down the aisle for the first time as bride and groom.  Husband and Wife.  Photographing all the events, plans, decorations, dresses, shoes, suits, tuxedo's.  All that was so carefully thought out through what usually is a fairly lengthy process.  I love being tasked to capture all these elements and most of all, I love photographing the pure emotion of couple, their family and guests throughout the day.  We had a wonderful time with Jessica & Michael with all these elements and we wish them better than the best in life.

Pregnancy Photography with Sara & Phil | M&L Fotographics | York Region Wedding Photographers

I had the pleasure of working with Sara & Phil a few years back on their Engagement and Wedding Photography and I was thrilled when they contacted me and let me know they wanted me to do a Maternity Session. So happy for this beautful couple and can't wait to do the infant photo session soon. They're going to be amazing parents. 

Thank you!

Happy Friday and welcome to our Blog page!  Please take a few minutes and have a look at our portfolio!  I am sure you will enjoy it!  We take a lot of pride in our website.  A great deal of blood sweat and tears goes into it.  Both Mike and I select the photos that go up on the site. Updating the site is something that we would like to do more often but don’t always have enough time as we would like!   To many of you they are great photos but to us they are more than that!  They are photos of people who have allowed us to be part of an extremely important time of their lives.  We get to know them.  We see their joy and love that it shines through in the photos we take!  It is truly an honour that our clients have entrusted us to tell their story in photos.  Not just weddings, but family and new baby as well.  To have clients come to us with the new little members of their family and just confidently allow us to hold them and photograph them in the cutest way possible is great!

Sometimes with life and all the stresses that go with we can sometimes forget to be grateful, so “thank you” to our clients!  Without you we would not have awesome photos for our website. 

To any potential clients looking at our website for the first time, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have or if you would like to set up an appointment to meet with us.  As I mentioned last week, we will be at the Cardinal Golf Club Bridal Show in Newmarket next Sunday April 9 if you would like to chat in person or look at our sample albums.  To make choices for the website is tough, then there are the sample albums!!

Thanks again to all our clients, past, present and future! You keep our life interesting. We are looking forward to another year of photographing great people enjoying life.

New Wedding Package

Exciting news!!  We have introduced a new wedding package!!  This new package is only $2300.00.  It includes an engagement session, full coverage of the wedding day until 9:00 pm, a USB with all the photos of the engagement session and the wedding day and a photo album for the Bride and Groom!!  This is a new wedding album for us.  We currently use this style for Guest Books but it makes a beautiful wedding album!!  The album will be 14x11 and will include 40 image.  It has a beautiful cover and fine art pages.  We believe this is a great option for Brides and Grooms that want their special day photographed but only need one special keepsake album of their day. 

Our new wedding sample album is on its way and will be available for viewing at our studio and at the Cardinal Golf Club Bridal Show on Sunday April 9th.

We have also redesigned the Parent Albums that we include with our other packages.  These will be similar to the album in Package One but a 10x8.  So, we have made that album a little bigger. More bragging for the Parents to be able to do!  We all know how Parents like to show off their kids! 

So, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information, or if you are in the Newmarket area on April 9th come visit us at the Cardinal Golf Club Bridal show.

Trusting your Wedding Photographer

As business owners, we are always trying to do the best we can for our clients!  We take what we do very seriously.  We endeavour to give all our clients the utmost in customer service!  Your wedding is a great event.  We want to give you the best photos ever! We not only want you to be happy with the end results, but we want you to be happy through the entire process.  Good communication is essential to good results.  We are always happy to hear what you have to say; we welcome your input into your wedding photography.  We also ask that you trust us through the process.  Ask us questions as we go along this journey to your wedding day.  We have been through this before and have extensive knowledge when it comes to the flow of the wedding day and what makes for a good photo. I guess this is the point of my blog today, trust.  You do have to trust your wedding photographer.  It is essential.  You need to like the people you are working with. They are going to be with you for most of your wedding day.  You need to feel comfortable with them.  Know that they are going to get the most amazing engagement and wedding photos of you!  That is the goal!  We certainly know that Brides and Grooms have a lot of choice out there when it comes to who they ultimately choose to photograph their wedding but just remember that there is so much more to wedding photography than just a price.  While keeping to a budget is important, we can always modify a package to suit your requirements. All things that can be discussed during a consultation. Speaking of the consultation, if you find you have questions after a consultation don’t hesitate to get in touch with us we are happy to answer your questions. Talk to us, we are here to help and earn your trust! We want you to be thrilled with the service and products you receive.  Trust us. 🤓

Wedding Day Ideas. Customized Guest Book

This is our Guest Book/Engagement Session article from Canada's Bridal Show 2017 Dream Bride Magazine.

Today’s newly engaged couples are taking time to enjoy the process of planning the big day; from setting the date and picking the hall and everything that goes with it.  In the photography industry we have noticed that more and more couples are putting tremendous thought and planning into their engagement photo session. Which is why we not only include them in our packages but encourage our clients to take advantage of the session.

When it comes to the engagement session, the grander the better! They often involve multiple locations as well as “costume changes”. They can take place in a location that is special to the couple or somewhere new to discover, or they can be as simple as a walk in the woods.  We love this trend! We love to create something special for our clients, memories to last a lifetime!

Not to mention, this is fantastic practice for the wedding day! You are able to spend time with your photographer, see how he or she works. Experience what is involved in a professional photo shoot. The engagement session is an important aspect of your whole wedding photography experience. The couple also experiences what goes into posing for pictures and how to relax enough so that those spontaneous photos happen.  There is a lot of preparation on the part of the photographer for your e-session.  Getting a thorough understanding of the client’s vision as well as giving our own suggestions.  The opportunity to be creative is important to us as well!  We want your engagement session to be a success! It is important to us that we create the images that you have imagined and then some.

There is always a lot of laughter, once the little bit of nerves disappears, during these sessions.   An understanding between photographer and clients that great photos are made through working together as a team emerges.   This leads to a better understanding about the photography process for the wedding day. That posing for pictures is necessary but that there is also enough time and opportunity for candid photos to happen.  Couples need a little guidance when it comes to taking formal photos, because posing for a professional photographer is not something many of us do everyday!

With this move to more elaborate e-sessions our clients often complete the experience by choosing to have us professionally create a guest book for the wedding day. As a couple you have put so much time and energy into your engagement session it makes perfect sense to create a guest book. Its something that we take great pride in doing. The books are beautiful and are a great way to preserve the fun of the engagement session. The photos are fully edited and retouched. They are laid out in such a way that ample room is left for your guests to sign the book and enjoy the photos. This also allows the couple display the creativity of the engagement session to their family and friends, as well as, a unique keepsake of their engagement. It’s a little more fun than the old lined paper guestbook and feather pen!

Engagement Session at Rouge Beach with Lyndsay & Michael | M&L Fotographics | Vaughan Wedding Photographers

Lyndsay & Michael were such a pleasure to photograph on their engagement session.  Can't wait for their wedding.

Engagement Session in Balls Falls with Lindsay & Aaron

Working with such fantastic couples is truly an amazing experience.  

Wedding Photography in Vaughan with Ashley & Danny

I wrote about how excited I was to be photographing Ashley & Danny's wedding a week and a bit ago.  Wow, the day was absolutely fantastic.  Ashley looked absolutely stunning and made the most beautiful bride.  Danny looked fantastic and is just a class act of a guy.  So happy for this couple and was such a pleasure working with them on their wedding photography.  So many emotions throughout the day that really gave me a great platform to work with as their wedding photographer.  Ashley and Danny are testament to why I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my job.


Vaughan Wedding Photography with Ashley & Danny

I'm so looking forward to working with this beautiful couple tomorrow on their wedding day. Ashley & Danny were so great on their engagement photography session. We did that in Niagara on the Lake. Such a beautiful setting for wedding and engagement photos. Tomorrow is sure to present a wide array of different emotions which is great because I love photographing those special moments for all our clients to remember all the feelings they had on their wedding day. As usual, I'm not the photographer who says "I specialize in natural light" because quite frankly, light is the fundamental of photography and if the natural light isn't doing what I want it to, or if it's not the quality of light I'm looking for....I'm able to use flashes, strobes, reflectors and other light modifiers in such a way that they enhance the scene. I'll be combining natural ambient light with artificial light in a way that's going to emphasize all the great texture in Ashley's wedding gown and always looking to create and enhance mood. Ok, enough with the technical stuff.  It's time to create spectacular images and capture all the moments so Ashley and Danny will have all these great photographs to remember their wedding day.


York Region Wedding Photographers | M&L Fotographics | Maria & Kristian

Totally deserving of the fantastic wedding they had.  Maria & Kristian were so awesome to work with on their wedding day.  This wedding was filled with so much excitement, happiness and love.  Oh...and the wedding party....awesome people.  I loved working with all 400 of them...lol  Great having a previous client, Michaela & Sandro in the wedding party.  Just a fabulous day all round.

Engagement Photos in York Region with Nina & Michael | M&L Fotographics | Vaughan Wedding Photographers

Fall is such a great time for engagement photos. Nina & Michael were so fantastic. Really made it easy for me to do what I love to do.

Engagement Photos in GTA, York Region with Natasha & Rob

 It was such a beautiful day for fall engagement photos.  Great Couple, Great Day, Great Engagement Session. A real pleasure to be working with Natasha & Rob.

Engagement Photos in Niagara on the Lake

Ashley and Danny are a perfect example of why I Love what I do. We had such a great time on this engagement session together and of course, another great wedding to look forward to.

Engagement Photos in York Region, GTA with Elena & Alex

Stunning couple.  Had an absolutely fantastic time working with Elena & Alex on their engagement session. The wedding is going to be spectacular.

Engagement Photos in the Greater Toronto Area with Terry & Vince

I've known Terry and her family for quite sometime. It's really a priviledge to have clients as great as Terry and Vince. Had such a great time on their engagement session and I'm really looking forward to their wedding in January.

Children's Lifestyle Portraiture in Newmarket, Ontario

The Big Little Guy is Back

Our latest instalment with our buddy Mason...

I absolutely love photographing this little bundle of energy. We've been photographing our friend Mason since he was 8 days old and about every 3 months since. I became "Uncle Mike" at the beginning of this session and by the time we were done, I was "mikey" to this little guy. Mason was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in around September 2014. He's such a strong little fighter. It's such a pleasure to be part of this little man's life. Thanks to his parents, Miriam & Mike.